Views: 190   Category: Windows Apps Author: M_F_T 2-05-2018, 21:57
MiniTool Power Data Recovery 8.0 Business Standard / Deluxe / Enterprise / Technician

MiniTool Power Data Recovery 8.0 Business Standard / Deluxe / Enterprise / Technician | File size: 56.76 MB

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a read-only File Recovery Software and Data Recovery Software. Power data recovery software could help you recover all your data no matter the data is lost by accidental deletion, format, re-partition, system crash or virus attack. Power data recovery is able to scan your device sector by sector to recover what ever left on your device. Power Data Recovery provide deep scan module which can scan and analyze raw data format including Microsoft Office files, digital graphics/pictures, audio/vide

  Views: 138   Category: Windows Apps Author: M_F_T 30-04-2018, 11:10
PGWare SuperRam

PGWare SuperRam | File Size: 6 MB

SuperRam makes your computer run faster by taking control and managing the memory on your computer efficiently. If you notice your computer is running slow, this typically is due to the memory (RAM) running out of usable space. When memory space gets lower, Windows then starts opening programs into the Windows page file; this page file is the computer hard drive which is much slower than RAM.

  Views: 167   Category: Windows Apps Author: M_F_T 29-04-2018, 22:30
Atlantis Word Processor 3.2.2

Atlantis Word Processor 3.2.2 | File size: 3.5 MB

Atlantis Word Processor has all the features you need to create simple documents or great works of literature: novels, essays, reports, letters, diaries, newspaper articles, etc. Compose rich-formatted documents from scratch, or edit existing MS Word documents, and send them to colleagues, customers, partners, friends.

  Views: 158   Category: Windows Apps Author: M_F_T 29-04-2018, 21:58
SyncBreeze Ultimate 10.8.24 (x86/x64)

SyncBreeze Ultimate 10.8.24 (x86/x64) | File Size: 16.78 MB

SyncBreeze Ultimate is a fast, powerful and reliable file synchronization solution for local disks, network shares, NAS storage devices and enterprise storage systems. Users are provided with multiple one-way and two-way file synchronization modes, periodic file synchronization, real-time file synchronization, bit-level file synchronization, multi-stream file synchronization, background file synchronization and much more.

  Views: 160   Category: Windows Apps Author: M_F_T 28-04-2018, 16:39

Audials One 2018.1.45300.0 + Key

Audials One 2018.1.45300.0 + Key | 140.8 MB

Audials One 2018 - the leader of online stores for movie, music, TV, and DVDs. It will help you find, record, download, convert and enjoy free and legal music, movies, video and radio round the clock. Audials One may give you more music than you could ever listen to and more videos than you could ever watch, and all for free. If you want to get the most entertainment out of the Internet and all media, you will find the perfect fit in Audials One.

  Views: 223   Category: Windows Apps Author: M_F_T 27-04-2018, 22:02
Jailer 7.8.1

Jailer 7.8.1 | File Size: 34.05 MB

Databases operate with large quantities of information by storing, retrieving, inputting and managing data. Almost all businesses these days use databases to support internal operations and establish online transactions with suppliers and customers. Typically a database is used to store administrative information and specific data, like economic, engineering, medical or research data models. Multi-platform and portable application. Jailer is an efficient application developed using the Java programming language, it works on every platform that includes JRE and you does not require installation. Besides not going through the setup process, you can use Jailer on any computer no matter its operating system, as well as store the executable file on a removable media device to take it anywhere with you.

  Views: 157   Category: Windows Apps Author: M_F_T 27-04-2018, 21:53
3delite Photo Studio Manager (x86/x64)

3delite Photo Studio Manager (x86/x64) | File Size: 42.92 MB

There are many applications and programs that you could use in order to manage your files. One of them is Photo Studio Manager. It's a useful software solution that allows you to store and view a detailed database of clients or expenses and to manage a photo studio business. It sports a clean and intuitive graphical interface with many tools at hand. Sleek and clean user interface

  Views: 188   Category: Windows Apps Author: M_F_T 26-04-2018, 23:21
Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro

Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro | Windows x64 | Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 223.9 MB

TRAKTOR PRO 2 is the pro DJ software trusted by top DJs worldwide and designed to handle even the biggest clubs. Perform with up to four decks, powerful looping and cueing functionality, plus an exceptional suite of over 30 studio-grade effects - the most advanced DJ features available. PROFESSIONAL 4-DECK DJ SOFTWARE

  Views: 197   Category: Windows Apps Author: M_F_T 26-04-2018, 23:02
EduIQ Network LookOut Administrator Pro 4.4.1

EduIQ Network LookOut Administrator Pro 4.4.1 | File Size: 34.62 MB

Network LookOut Administrator lets you see all your employee PC screens without leaving your desk. Monitor the activity of all the PCs in your company remotely and execute several administrative actions with just one click.

  Views: 201   Category: Windows Apps Author: M_F_T 26-04-2018, 23:00
Coolmuster Android Assistant 4.2.80

Coolmuster Android Assistant 4.2.80 | File size: 18.1 MB

Better Manage Android Data in One Place on Windows Computer! As one-stop Android managing software, Coolmuster Android Assistant is fully capable of dealing with Android media, contacts, SMS, apps, etc. in one place on your PC! It features all the functions one may require for the management on Android devices. - Hammer at backup and restore overall Android phone's data on PC with 1 click & retain 100% quality.

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