Views: 133   Category: Portable Author: M_F_T 17-07-2018, 13:24
FlixGrab+ Premium Portable

FlixGrab+ Premium Portable | File Size: 48.6 MB

FlixGrab+ is an unique application for downloading entire NetFlix serials, TV shows, documentaries, movies. With the FlixGrab you can download and watch any NetFlix video offline on any device without spending internet traffic and without disrupting NetFlix limitations!

  Views: 184   Category: Portable Author: M_F_T 15-07-2018, 20:41

OfficeSuite Premium Edition 2.50.14020.0 Multilingual Portable

OfficeSuite Premium Edition 2.50.14020.0 Multilingual Portable | Languages: Multilingual | File size: 113 MB

An office suite that includes a word processor, a PDF editor and reader, a spreadsheet editor, and a presentation creator, all of them with modern and clean interfaces. When talking about Office suites, many of you might only point to Microsoft's widely-known product. However, there are other alternatives that you can try out, especially if you are a home user. Very popular on mobile platforms, OfficeSuite has also shifted towards Windows, delivering a suite of office-related tools with a clean look and simple options. Modern-looking yet familiar suite of office tools

  Views: 196   Category: Portable Author: M_F_T 15-07-2018, 20:28
Ratiborus KMS Tools Portable 15.07.2018

Ratiborus KMS Tools Portable 15.07.2018 | File size: 33.3 MB

All-in-one collection of activators from Ratiborus for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, Office 2010/2013/2016/2019. Included programs:
AAct v3.9.0 Portable

  Views: 155   Category: Portable Author: M_F_T 15-07-2018, 19:03

MindGenius Business 2018 v7.0.1.6953 Portable

MindGenius Business 2018 v7.0.1.6953 Portable | File size: 129 MB

MindGenius Business 7 is committed to being a cost-effective Mind Mapping software solution for individuals and businesses. Use MindGenius mind mapping software to capture, visualize and use the information within your business. Map Creation and Navigation
Create a new blank map or select a template from one of the categories available inImage-1.png
the Templates Pane; Brainstorming, Strategy planning, Project management, Personal productivity, etc.

  Views: 462   Category: Portable Author: M_F_T 5-07-2018, 14:40
Wondershare Filmora Multilingual (x64) Portable

Wondershare Filmora Multilingual (x64) Portable | File Size: 267.7 MB

Filmora is an all-in-one home video editor that has powerful functionality and a fully stacked feature set. Filmora is a solid app that gives you the features and styles that have been previously only available to professional film makers that have a certain level of experience and the expensive applications to match. Besides, you can directly upload your video to YouTube for sharing with family and friends, save videos for playback on portable devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. Or you can burn DVD for better video preservation. No matter it's a wedding video, love movie,travel story, life documentary or party record, it is just so easy to turn it to a treasured home video and share it with everyone! Filmora has a simple drag and drop interface, which gives you the freedom to be artistic with the story that you want to create.

  Views: 452   Category: Portable Author: M_F_T 4-07-2018, 16:31
Adobe Audition CC 2018 v11.1.1.3 (x64) Portable

Adobe Audition CC 2018 v11.1.1.3 (x64) Portable | File Size: 485.68 MB

Edit, mix, record, and restore audio - all with Adobe Audition. Adobe Audition is a comprehensive toolset that includes multitrack, waveform, and spectral display for creating, mixing, and editing audio content. This powerful audio workstation is designed to accelerate video production workflows and audio finishing - and deliver a polished mix with pristine sound. Adobe Audition offers you advanced features that enhance your audio quality and overall efficiency of editing audio. Use the Essential Sound panel to make common adjustments to obtain professional-quality results. Spectral editing tools transform soundscapes into visual workspaces. Automatic Speech Alignment, Noise Reduction tools, and Automatic Loudness Correction are among the premium solutions uniquely native to Audition.

  Views: 420   Category: Portable Author: M_F_T 4-07-2018, 16:26

iPhotoDraw 2.6 Build 6728 Multilingual + Portable

iPhotoDraw 2.6 Build 6728 Multilingual + Portable | File Size: 76.18 MB

iPhotoDraw is an easy to use program, with the help of which the user can without any problems to add to your photos text descriptions, summaries, enlarged details of a specific part of the image, specify the size of the selected objects, and others add annotations are stored in a separate file, thereby leaving the original file without. It boasts a clean and intuitive layout that allows you to upload files into the working environment using the built-in browse function or "drag and drop" operations.

  Views: 427   Category: Portable Author: M_F_T 4-07-2018, 16:21

MusicBee 3.2.6756 Multilingual + Portable

MusicBee 3.2.6756 Multilingual + Portable | File Size: 30.79 MB

MusicBee is a functional music player with a wide variety of options. The program has the ability to work with playlists, a powerful tag editor, built-in audio converter and CD ripper, there is support for podcasts and audiobooks, as well as automatic downloading information from the Internet (album covers, lyrics, information about artists, etc.). Key features:

  Views: 462   Category: Portable Author: M_F_T 4-07-2018, 16:19

Hetman Internet Spy 1.0 Multilingual Portable

Hetman Internet Spy 1.0 Multilingual Portable | File Size: 34.72 MB

This program analyzes the contents of both existing and deleted browser system files and collects detailed information on a user's online activity. The utility allows you to analyze browsing history, social media messages, search history, emails, videos watched on YouTube, etc. The user-friendly interface is good not only for parents who would like to monitor their children's online activity, but also for detectives working on digital evidence. The application will give you certain information even if the browsing history was deleted, the data was removed, or the disk was formatted. Ways you can use it
If you've decided to clear your search history, browsing history, or the history of any other past online activities, you shouldn't assume it will be gone forever. Browsing history can be read easily, and even restored, if necessary.

  Views: 440   Category: Portable Author: M_F_T 3-07-2018, 14:44
Picture Instruments Image 2 LUT Pro 1.0.9 (x64) Portable

Picture Instruments Image 2 LUT Pro 1.0.9 (x64) Portable | File size: 45 MB

Create Hollywood looks via copy & paste. Load an image having a breathtaking look and Image 2 LUT will automatically generate a professional look from it. To see, how it will work on other images, you can load a reference image into the target area and see how the look is applied to it. Simple use - professional results
To further adjust the look or create any number of variations from it, Image 2 LUT offers a few very helpful options. Along with the general intensity of the coloring, you can also control its influence on skin tones in the image. You can control the skin tones intensity independently and a loss in contrast from a source image with a faded film look can always be dialled back seamlessly with our software.

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